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Ep 69 – Nurturing Healing and Resilience for Men of Color

A Conversation with Hernán Carvente-Martinez on Masculinity and Mental Health

The Quest for Healing

In the latest episode of the ‘Dismantling Diet Culture’ podcast, we welcome Hernán Carvente-Martinez, who unveils the layers of healing and the battles men of color face. Through the ‘Healing Ninjas’ initiative, Hernan addresses the urgent need for genuine conversations about mental health, especially among Latino males, and constructs a refuge for individuals to converse and heal.

Childhood Reflections

Hernan recounts his upbringing in the impoverished landscapes of Mexico, where a simple yet profound existence connected him to the land and traditional ways of living. Raised in Atlasco, Puebla, his early experiences were foundational to his understanding of poverty, familial ties, and the stark realities of survival.

Confronting Toxic Masculinity

The conversation takes a deeper dive when Hernan explores his journey confronting toxic masculinity—a struggle stemming from cultural expectations and personal trials, including his incarceration and the challenges of fatherhood upon re-entering society. These experiences highlighted the critical necessity for spaces where the discussions on masculinity can evolve beyond societal stereotypes.

Building Spaces for Change

As the Executive Director of Alianza for Youth Justice and the founder of Healing Ninjas, Hernan’s work is invaluable in shaping the future of youth justice and advocating for the wellness of Latina, Afro Latina, and indigenous communities. His work brings to light the complexities of identity, the nuances within these communities, and the importance of having role models that resonate culturally and experientially.

The Non-Linear Road to Healing

Both Hortencia and Hernan discuss the reality that healing is not a straight path—it weaves through trials and requires resilience. Hernan’s personal commitment to bettering himself for his daughter and his community serves as an emblem of hope for others walking a similar path.

Hortencia underscores Hernan’s openness to collaboration and his invitation for others to connect and co-create solutions. His journey is one of unity, fostering spaces for dialogue and healing—not just for those impacted by the criminal justice system but for anyone embarked on the challenging quest for wellness.

Dr. Jimenez’s passion for dismantling diet culture ties back into the overarching theme of healing traumas and encourages listeners to engage with their inner nino. As the episode wraps, it leaves us with reminders of self-compassion and the courage it takes to dismantle toxic narratives, be it diet culture or masculinity, urging listeners to reach out, review, and join in this revolutionary healing journey.

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