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Hola! Welcome to Dismantling Diet Culture, the only Spanglish anti-diet podcast that teaches you from a sociological lens, feminism, and intuitive eating coaching to dismantle diet culture. I’m your host, Dr. Hortencia Jimenez, and I am passionate about dismantling diet culture and helping you heal your relationship with food and your body. I’m a mother-daughter Gomadre Amiga, community member, professor, health coach, and published author.

On this show. I share my personal experience with diet culture tips, strategies, and educational content to help you understand diet culture and systems of oppression so that you can have the tools to challenge diet culture. Current and future generations do not deserve to inherit your diet culture trauma, and I’m here to help you if you’re on a mission to hear your body and food traumas and embody your authentic self-apologetic welcome to Dismantling Diet Culture.

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