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Ep 67 The Complex Tapestry of Food and Societal Norms (ft. Christyna Johnson MS RDN LD)

Navigating the Intersections of Consumerism, Capitalism, and Culture

In Episode 61 we discuss the intricate relationships between food, societal norms, and personal expression. Christyna Johnson, a registered dietitian specializing in eating disorders, brings to light the nuances of how our choices in consumption significantly reflect our ethics and beliefs.

Undieting as a Political Statement

The act of ‘undieting’ typically conjures images of lush, indulgent meals shared on social media. However, Christyna offers a profound redefinition. It’s not about the aesthetic of eating without restrictions. True undieting is a political stance against the norms established by the tyranny of diet culture and capitalism. It requires not just interrogating personal wellness choices but also actively critiquing how industries capitalize on these behaviors.

Escaping the Consumption Loop

Christyna emphasizes the necessity to step out of the perpetual cycle of spending, which is often misaligned with our ethical values. This culture of excess, especially evident in food consumption, leads not only to personal wastage but also broader ecological impacts and strains on our food systems. The profound discussion posits the need to dismantle established norms, redirecting energy towards understanding and addressing systemic issues like the cost of living and migrant labor in our food industry.

Healing Beyond the Individual

Both Hortencia and Christyna have faced grief, and it’s within these personal experiences that they find the impetus for broader change. The recognition of grief’s impact on their well-being underscores their resolve to dismantle societal expectations and move towards authentic self-expression. Communal healing and fostering respectful dialogues are deemed crucial – an idea rooted in the ‘liberation mindset’, which acknowledges the interconnectedness of individual, community, and societal health.

Finding Joy Amidst Challenge

Despite systemic challenges, Christyna highlights the importance of holding onto joy to persevere through tough times. The crucial lesson is that empowerment and self-realization come from within, recognizing that life is for living with unapologetic joy, regardless of societal pressures.

In a world grappling with the complexities of food politics and societal pressures, the teachings from this episode resonate deeply. Listeners interested in further exploring these topics can engage with Christyna’s work through her online presence as an ‘encouraging dietitian’ and anticipate her upcoming book, which promises to delve into people’s relationship with food, especially those tackling eating disorders.

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