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Episode 63: The Journey of Healing: Embracing Love and Confronting Trauma

Uncovering Historical Trauma and Building a Path Toward Wellness

Understanding Love Amidst Trauma

In Episode 60 our esteemed guest, Natalie Gutierrez, sheds light on the power of love and the conditioning of hate. Through their dialogue, we uncover the insidious effects of conditioning by hate and the challenging but necessary quest to befriend protective energy in ourselves and others.

The Work of Healing

Natalie emphasizes the importance of her book, ‘The Pain We Carry,’ as a tool to promote healing. It’s an exploration of historical trauma and its haunting ramifications on mental health. The compelling discussions between Hortencia and Natalie uncover deep layers of society’s impact on individual well-being and the conversational dynamic sheds light on the intricacies of healing work.

Complex PTSD vs. PTSD

The episode delves into an insightful discussion on the contrast between PTSD and complex PTSD, with the latter resulting from prolonged exposure to toxic stress and attachment wounds. It’s an unveiling of deep-seated societal issues like microaggressions, racial trauma, and more, illustrating their incessant impact on mental health.

Fundamental Healing Steps

The guests explore the commitment required to begin the healing journey from complex PTSD, emphasizing self-belief, trust-building, and dismantling internalized negativity. Natalie’s real-life insights offer an inspiring blueprint for those seeking their path to wellness.

Outreach and Gratitude

Finally, the podcast fosters mutual gratitude and appreciation for the essential work both the host, Dr. Hortencia Jimenez, and guest Natalie Gutierrez conduct. Their conversation extends an invitation for listeners to support and engage with the content more deeply through social media platforms.

From personal struggles to communal ties, this episode encapsulates the spirit of confronting generational burdens with grace and determination. It motivates listeners to embrace their journey, fostering an environment of support and understanding that resonates long after the podcast ends.

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